Monday, November 29, 2010

Calculate the Cost

I dropped by a local brewery the other day and got a growler fill of one of my favorite beers. The $14 fill turned into just over $17 after tax and tip. I was happy with my purchase, and had enjoyed a frothy glass when I started to think about the six-pack of the same beer I had bought a couple weeks earlier. The $14.99 I had spent on the bottled version of the beer seemed pricey at the the time, but now I did the math comparing the two purchases. Not only was the six-pack a bit cheaper, but at 12 ounces per bottle the overall total came to 72 ounces compared to the 64 ounce growler. True, the growler was brewery fresh, but the six-pack was freshly bottled as well. Was it really worth the extra expense & fewer ounces, not to mention the trip to the brewery? Not for me. I would choose differently next time, either picking a different beer not available at my local bottle shop, or opting for the more economical six-pack instead. Am I pinching pennies? Absolutely! I love good craft beer, but I also like the best bang for my buck. The lesson? Calculate the cost of your next purchase. Remember, spending more wisely on beer means more to spend on beer, wisely!

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