Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A "sign" of good things to come

Hollywood Video, in it's heyday, was the premier place to find the latest movie and video game rentals. That was then. Now, with redbox kiosks on every corner and brand new movies available on your TV, computer, and cell phone, the large movie rental chains are becoming a thing of the past. The downtown El Cajon location, on the corner of Main & Magnolia, has been abandoned for quite some time, but the final remnants of this once choice location were removed today as the iconic sign came down. Not to worry, as this will be the new site of East County's premier microbrewery restaurant. El Cajon Brewing Co. has been working since last year to secure this location and to get to work. Read about their plans here, and keep your eye on this El Cajon intersection. I look forward to posting about the installation of a new sign. One heralding great new things to come, good times to be had, and fantastic beer to be consumed!

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