Thursday, May 20, 2010

Avery Black Tot

As I sit here sipping Black Tot by Avery Brewing Co., I can feel the stress melting away from my soul. I have an inner peace that is hard to describe. Maybe it is the 10.08% alcohol that this barrel-aged imperial oatmeal stout boasts. Perhaps it is the rum-based alcohol nose that greets me warmly as the glass is raised to my lips. Perhaps it is the silky-smooth, milk-like mouthfeel that coats my throat with each sip. Perhaps it is that it has a faint bite with absolutely no bitterness, which makes it very drinkable. Perhaps it is just because I love Avery and just about everything that they put out. With my glass half full at this point, and the brew reaching room temperature, the complexities of this awe-inspiring beer remind me that I have yet to assign it a rating. One more sip should provide me with enough physical and emotional data to make that decision. 4.5 stars. Perhaps it is time to finish my drink.

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