Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wiens Brewing Co.

As promised, the following is from Jacob, my Temecula correspondent.  Nice job, Jacob!

"My wife and I took an anniversary getaway to Temecula wine country and one of our favorite wineries, Wiens, has the best reds in the valley, amazing stuff! If your already rolling your eyes, don't worry stay with me, they recently sent us an email to check out their new brewery that has just opened! We stopped by on a Friday afternoon armed with our curious but inexperienced palates. It was pretty empty inside so at least we didn't have to fight our way to the taps. The employees were very friendly and recommended the eight board taster of all of their beers. It was nice to see a lot of activity in the background, one guy was comparing, smelling, swishing, then he looked up and smiled as if to say yes this job is awesome. We moved thru the tasters from the lighter more forgettable brews, got hit hard with a very good, yet smoky porter, both of us laughed as we almost choked a bit. We recovered with the Red Ale, then we nervously paused just before our last two which were IPA's. Here we wish we had the more seasoned taste buds of the Hop Daddy, but we bravely pressed on knowing he'd be proud. As I pressed my nose deep into the first glass of their Insomnia IPA, I was greeted with amazing scents of grapefruit, citrus, and plenty of hops, inviting me, no daring me to let it flow across my tongue. I bit and was well rewarded, I was surprised that both of us really enjoyed this IPA. It had a nice Brandy like mouth feel finish. We ended our visit with their Descend IPA, a robust dark bitter chocolate taste along with notes of caramel and raisin, it was a welcome assault on the senses. Overall it was a nice shiny new brewery, great people, and quality beer, and that's a formula for success, we hope to be back to try the Braun IPA coming soon!"

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