Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drop the Macros!

We are all used to seeing the standard macro brews on tap at most beer-serving restaurants. This is a scene I would love to see changed, but sadly won't happen anytime soon. However, why in the world would a self-respecting beer bar, let alone a brewery restaurant allow a macro on the tap list at all? This fact is beyond me, yet it happens time and time again. Stand behind craft beer! Don't give in to distributors trying to hock the fizzy yellow stuff. Don't feel pressured to please those who choose to put that kind of rubbish into their bodies. You won't lure them in with macro beer and then convert them to the craft brew scene. I have seen pint after pint of lame lager consumed while sitting right in front of dozens of craft taps. Can the uninitiated be converted? Yes, but only by the conviction of those consuming and serving the product. Offering a large, corporate brew right alongside fine craft concoctions will only validate the fact that the macros deserve to be there. I'm not saying that macro beers should be done away with (or am I?), I'm just asking to keep them out of establishments that are claiming to tout craft beer as supreme. Most chain restaurants and supermarket shelves house plenty of macro products to go around. Those who desire such a beverage have plenty to choose from. Let's just keep them where they belong.

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