Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AleSmith Brewery Expansion

With all of the brewery expansion going on right now, it looks like it's AleSmith's turn. This is from their current newsletter.

"2011 has been an exciting year here at AleSmith! In January, we took over an additional 4,300 square feet and have started a brewery expansion that will allow us to increase our potential capacity to 7,000 barrels of beer per year.

We also recently added a 1 barrel Sabco pilot system that will help us fine tune recipes and add more beers to the rotating line up of taps in the tasting room. Speaking of the tasting room, with the additional 4,300 square feet, we were able to expand the size of the tasting room and will soon make room for 4 additional taps (bringing the total numbers of taps in the tasting room to 16)!

Coming in the next few months is a new and larger bar for the tasting room and other exciting changes. July will bring us the highly anticipated arrival of our brand new Prospero bottling line."

Looks like good things are in store for us!

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