Sunday, June 5, 2011

999 Beer Bloggers

If you are reading this you no doubt have an interest both in beer, and beer related blogs. I am what is known as a "citizen" beer blogger, which means that I blog on my own and not for a particular brewery or other entity. According to Allan Wright, creator and organizer of annual Beer Blogger Conferences in Europe and the United States, the number of reported beer blogs has risen to 999 and counting. You can read more about it here. Having this many blogs to choose from gives credence to the fact that the pursuit of beer excellence is a worthy endeavor, and allows the resources to achieve it. I hope you enjoy, learn from, and share what you read here. I also hope it inspires you to find other beer blogs to follow as well. If you love craft beer as much as I do, tell the world about it through your own blog. A fresh perspective into your love of beer will help us all to develop a greater appreciation of all things beer!

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