Friday, February 5, 2010

Honest Pint Project

What is the Honest Pint Project? Simply put, they want to ensure that when you buy a pint of beer at your local beer bar or restaurant, you get a full pint, or 16 ounces, of beer. As a restaurant or bar owner, you can become a Certified Purveyor of Honest Pints through this organization. Here is a quote from their web site:

"All across the country, restaurants and taverns regularly serve patrons less than 16 ounces of liquid. This isn’t against the law and there aren’t any standards that enforce a uniform measure. The result is a market in which some pubs serve beer in 20-ounce imperial pints while others use glassware as small as 14 ounces. There’s no transparency, and patrons often end up unwittingly paying a premium for beer served in small glasses. In other countries, like Germany and England, volume is listed on the glass so patrons can compare prices based on equal measures. It’s fair for beer drinkers, and it’s good for the marketplace."

If you own an establishment that serves beer, get certified! If not, the next time you are at your favorite watering hole, ask if they are certified. Together, we can all insure that when we order a beer, we get an Honest Pint!

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