Monday, May 4, 2015


A concept that is easy to comprehend, yet difficult to achieve, I find it sorely lacking in my life.  I set a goal of posting something every single day of 2013, which I did.  Is that balanced?  In 2014 I posted a total of 13 times.  Is that balanced?  The answers are, of course, subjective, but deserve my attention.  Did I overdo one year and get lazy the next?  Were my priorities out of whack in 2013, with moderation taking its rightful place in 2014?  Did I have too much to say, or simply not enough?  The answers may never truly come to light, but correction can be made.  Correction in the form of balance.  I need balance.  My new goal is to find the balance that is currently lacking.  Finding that balance will result in more posts this year than last, but not the overabundance of years past.  I look forward to more posts this year, and finding that balance that I may or may not have had ever before.  I enjoy beer, and want to enjoy it the way it's meant to be enjoyed, with balance!

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