Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Brewery Project: Offbeat

Deep in the heart of yet another set of unmarked industrial complexes, just down the hill from a little-known brewery called Stone something or other, sits the unassuming and unmarked Offbeat Brewing Co.  Getting to the brewery was the easy part.  Retracing my steps when I left was another story.  But I digress, as my navigational skills are not the current topic of discussion.  Just under a year old, this is a solid little brewery.  A nice facility, tasty beers, knowledgeable staff, and well-designed website all come together to portray a company far more mature than its actual age.  Andy, the bartender, was happy to discuss the 4 core beers I was tasting, explaining that their beers, which are more malt driven, tend to be a little sweeter and less aggressive than other beers in the competing market.  I appreciated this fact, as the only way to stand out in such a beercentric area is to differentiate yourself in some way.  Another thing I appreciated about the beers is that, although still young, they all had proper names.  While it isn't a deal breaker for me, I take issue when a brewery simply offers an "IPA", or a "Red Ale", or a "Stout" without taking the time to name their "children".  That being said, of the beers I tried, including Girafficopter Session Pale Ale (you know how I feel about the term "Session", but I'll let that go for now), Bear Arms Brown Ale, Bitter Robot Red Ale, and Caticorn IPA, I was really drawn to the Brown Ale.  With only a couple of exceptions, this being one, I normally don't care for this style.  When I really enjoy a beer in a style that I typically don't, this makes me take notice of a brewery.  This is a brewery I've taken notice of, and will be giving further attention from now on.  If you're not already a fan of this fledgling brewery, I encourage you to check them out.  You can currently only sample their beer at the brewery itself, so grab your GPS and navigate your way to some great beer!

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