Friday, February 24, 2012

Where, in Colorado, I was!

Where was I this time?  Equinox Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado.  I was really impressed with this small brewery located in Old Town Fort Collins.  Intimate, welcoming, and frenetic all at the same time, the vibe was young and hip, but anyone could find their place in the cozy interior or their spacious outdoor Beer Garden.  I found myself feeling as though I were a regular patron as I sipped my taster set for the first time.  My reason for going, and in my opinion the standout beer, was the Supergiant Imperial Hefeweizen.  My feeble description of this heavenly brew could never do it justice.  It was huge, luxurious, and left me wanting more.  Much more!  In fact, I was impressed with all of their offerings.  A visit to this brewery will be on my itinerary each time I visit my old stomping grounds from now on.  If you find yourself building a list of breweries to visit on a trip to this ever-growing beer region, I would put this at the top of the list.

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