Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness

Yesterday's release of the infamous Alpine Beer Co. hop monster, Exponential Hoppiness, has been news all week, but I decided to make mention of the event only after I had secured a growler fill of my own. Call me selfish if you will, but I missed the previous release of this bodacious brew and wasn't about to miss it again! The beer's purchase restrictions have also made news, and are reiterated on a whiteboard posted in the brewery. There is a limit of 2 new growlers, 4 growler fills, and 6 22 ounce bottles per person, per day. I like the final line on the board which states that any disagreements with those limitations will not end well. This batch is awesome! It is definitely worth the trek up to Alpine and wading through the construction on Alpine Blvd. to get a hold of some of this hop nectar. I would hurry, though, as this beer never lasts long. Happy trails!

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