Sunday, October 24, 2010

An open letter to the television and film industry

I'm fed up! I was watching TV the other night when I was assaulted with an action that is seen all too often in television and film. An action that I cringe at every time I see. An action that makes me want to stand up and shout to the entertainment industry, "Enough!" What is it that has me in such an uproar? Gratuitous violence? Illicit sexual material? Offensive language? No, not this time. I am offended with the phrase "Give me a beer." Innocent in its delivery, the words strike me like a swift crack of a bat to my head. We've all witnessed the generic bar scene in a TV show or movie when someone walks up to the bar and asks for a beer. Does it happen in real life? Of course, but not in the beer bars that I frequent! Product placement may not be the right call. I would love to be watching a show in which the lead character walks up to the bar and orders a Stone IPA. However, due to marketing and other issues I realize that this probably won't be the norm anytime soon. But why not have the actor ask for an IPA, a bock, or a nice barleywine? These terms may be foreign to a good portion of the audience at first, but what better way to introduce them to the vast world of beer that eludes a good portion of the viewing public today? If they hear it more and more in the media, they may be inspired to ask about these other, mysterious types of brew the next time they visit their local watering hole. That is my rant, be it as it may. Now that I have opened your mind to the existence of this media travesty, maybe you will be motivated to make a change. I don't blame the industry for its ignorance, but I can blame it for its lack of action now that the facts have been exposed. I look forward to a better tomorrow as we work together to change the perception of beer in modern media. Thank you for your time.
The Hop Daddy (a concerned beer enthusiast)

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