Monday, August 2, 2010

Craft beer culture continues to grow

I was recently sitting in a BJ's when a couple of guys walked up to the bar. They asked the bartender if they had any sour beers. The bartender looked a bit confused, and responded with "No, but we have an IPA." My first thought was "A sour beer, at BJ's? HA!" But then I thought about what had just happened. A couple of average Joe's walked into BJ's off the street and asked for a sour beer. This wouldn't have happened a few years ago, and there are places in this country where it still wouldn't happen. What a testament to the growing craft beer culture! I look to a time when those sames guys can walk into any bar or restaurant, ask for a sour beer, imperial IPA, or barleywine and have several options to choose from. With the growing craft beer culture, anything is possible.

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