Sunday, June 6, 2010

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

I wish the waiters at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse were more versed in the beer. I ate at the Chula Vista location tonight. I asked what style a guest beer was, and got a wrong answer. When I asked again, the waiter actually had to go look at the keg to get me an answer. When I asked for a sample, he said no problem. When he finally came back, he said they could only give samples of "their" beer. Who does that? Not only that, but my calzone was cold in the center and the cheese wasn't even melted. I also didn't get good advice on the dessert I ordered. So much for customer service.


  1. I have found the same beer ignorance at several bj's locations. Bj's usually has a few interesting beers that are under emphasized and you have to ask directly for. If Bj's beers weren't such swill, it wouldn't be an issue,

  2. The Jeremiah Red is pretty good, but that's really the only beer of theirs that I like. I agree, they have some seasonals like the Grand Cru that are okay as well. The Chula Vista location actually has a pretty good tap list other than their beers, but the waiters know NOTHING about them.